Fluke 1551A And 1552A Sticks Thermometer

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16 Mar 2023
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Fluke 1551A/1552A "Stik" Thermometer

Finally, a replacement for your digital thermometer mercury-in-glass! Accurate and repeatable ± 0.05 ° C over full range, the 1551A/1552A Thermometer Sticks "is the new" gold standard "of industrial temperature calibration. Whether working outdoors at environments where potentially explosive gases may be present or on the floor of the processing plants, which are intrinsically-safe, battery-operated, portable reference thermometer designed unTuk goes to where you work.
Features at a glance:

  • Accuracy ± 0.05 ° C (± 0.09 ° F) during the full range

  • Intrinsically safe (ATEX and IECEx compliant)

  • Two models to choose from (-50 ° C to 160 ° C or-80 ° C to 300 ° C)

  • User-configurable temperature Trend indicator/Stability

  • Displays the temperature in ° C or ° F

  • Optional data logging to the internal memory

  • Battery life
300 hours
  • Percent battery-life and low battery indicator

  • NVLAP-accredited, NIST-traceable calibration included

  • The thermometer and the digital readout are combined into one unit

    Stainless steel probe and the digital readout is fixed together and calibrated as a system. Specifications accuracy is easy to understand because it covers all the components of uncertainty, including drift, until one tahun1. Large backlit LCD rotating screen90 ° degrees so it's easy to read from any angle. An indicator stability/user configurable trends lets you know when Your temperature is stable enough to record an accurate measurement. An auto-off function settable user-friendly extend battery life typical of three hundred hours. A low battery indicator and stop function-preventing measure of measurement being made because of low battery life. A simple three-point calibration function allows youto easily and accurately calibrate "Stik" Thermometer. Logging data to the internal memory of up to 10000 measurements of time stamped is optionally available.
    Why temperature sensor calibration process?

    Because the temperature is very influential towards the accuracy of the measurement process, the manufacturer of volumetric chemical products, pharmaceutical, food or petroleum measurement requires an accurate temperature-especially to the process by which the quality or the transfer of prisoners is regulated by government agencies. Since all sEnsor temperature subject to drift with time, regular calibration or verification against reliable reference thermometer required. Find the reference thermometer is accurate, repeatable and powerful, however, can be challenging.
    What's wrong with my reference thermometer?

    industry reference thermometer available on the market today, such as the thermometer mercury-in-glass (or "ASTM thermometer") and portable electronic thermometer is handy, but both come with problems that meleKat. Although accurate and repeatable, mercury thermometers are fragile. The risk of mercury spills pose potential dangers to the environment and health of personnel. Many countries United States and the European Union have banned their use in industrial applications. Some organizations have replaced Mercury thermometer with a portable electronic thermometer is more durable, only to find that the probe RTD lack repetition and reliability required of a legitimate reference thermometer.

    The best alternative for Mercury thermometer

    Fluke "Stik" Thermometer is accurate, stable and durable, making it the best alternative to mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers. The thin-film RTD sensor combines the same characteristics of other premium reference thermometer designed by Hart Scientific, but stronger and less prone to drift. Accuracy and repeatability, however, are not sacrificed to increase durability.

    Menggunakan glass Mercury thermometer stem or spirit-filled at a depth of submersion, or ambient temperature in significantly different from that has been calibrated, may require the application of a correction appeared-rod that can be boring but necessary to calculate an accurate measurement. This is not necessary with "Sticks" Thermometer. Sensor of 1551A Ex requires minimal immersion depth of just seven centimetres (2.8 inches), with no effect on the temperature measured enough due to thehilangan heat conduction through the stem. Some digital thermometer may be inaccurate when used outside the narrow range of ambient temperature. This is not the case for "Stik" Thermometer. measurements remain accurate in ambient temperature from-10 degrees to 50 degrees celsius (14 degrees to 122 degrees fahrenheit). The design investigation of superior combined with electronic functions that help an accurate measurement, the "Stik" Thermometer beyond the capabilities of other digital thermometer and merupakan replacement for Mercury thermometer that is perfect for you. 1Pada to minimize sensor drift, the probe must always be protected from mechanical shock.

    Five reasons to replace a Mercury thermometer

    • Because of the "Sticks" Thermometer do not contain mercury, are not subject to the prohibition on coercion of the Government. Government agencies around the world have banned or are seeking to prohibit the use of mercury thermometers, industrial and transportation-this tampakny
    a growing trend.
  • The Probe sheath stainless steel of "Sticks" Thermometer is much stronger than a glass rod thermometer mercury and more suitable for industrial environments. And because of the "Sticks" thermometer do not contain mercury, the risk of accidental spills of mercury was eliminated.

  • When considering the cost of ownership, the digital thermometer is cheaper than the Mercury thermometer. With the Mercury thermometer, you either invest in equipment or You
  • hired to clean up after mercury spill.
  • Mercury thermometers can not be adjusted after calibration. The actual temperature shall be calculated by applying the correction of the temperature measured. This costs time and prone to error calculations. Digital thermometer do the math for you – the temperature is shown to accurately represent the actual measured temperature.

  • A correction appeared the stem may also be required if mercury thermometers are not used under the conditions s
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