Bone Saw Machine BSW-W300A

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Bone Saw Machine BSW-W300A

Voltage 380 V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Electrical 1500 W

Wheel Diameter 30 cm

Band Saw Speed ​​11 m / s

Long Saw Blade 32 / 27.5

Commodity Height / Width 240 cm

Table size 80 x 59 cm

Weight 169 Kg

Machine Size 90x75x173 cm

Bone cutting machine, meat and frozen fish. Materials made of stainless steel. fast efficient and secure.

Machine Bone Saw BSW-W300A serves as meat and bone cutting machines such as oxtail, for processed food will you serve. This bone cutting machine can be used for cutting meat and fish-processed frozen and other processed. Machine Bone Saw BSW-W300A very useful for large-scale industry and household, especially enterprises in the field of catering services, restaurants, and other businesses in the culinary field.

Machine Bone Saw BSW-W300A is made of stainless steel materials so durable and not easily corroded. In addition, the bone cutting machine also has a very high speed, so that the meat cutting process more quickly and efficiently. This bone cutting machine is a machine that is safe, because it has an ergonomic machine design and reduces the risk of accidents due to the automatic engine operation system. In addition, the machine Bone Saw BSW-W300A is able to operate using the 1500 watts power with a voltage of 380 volts.

For how to use its own engine Bone Saw BSW-W300A this is quite easy, you simply put the meat or fish is recommended in a frozen state machine to the table, and then push the meat with a stick that has been provided so that your hands are safe from the risk of accidents. Advantages, Bone Saw machine is able to BSW-W300A set pieces thickness ranging from 5 mm to 155 mm making it very practical to use for your business.

Caring for this machine is also quite simple, you simply rinse the table span the machine with clean water and then the machine is ready for use again. By using the machine Bone Saw BSW-W300A these affairs cooking will become easier, without having to drain a lot of time and effort.

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