Fluke Calibration 9142-9143-9144 Field Metrology Well

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Fluke Calibration 9142-9143-9144 Field Metrology Well

Fluke Calibration 9142-9143-9144 Field Metrology Well

The new 914X Series Field Metrology Wells extend high performance environmental process industry by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with a little compromise to the performance of metrology.

Field Metrology Wells are packed with functionality and very easy to use. They are lightweight, small, and fast to reach the temperature set points, but they are stable, uniform, and accurate. This industrial temperature kalibrator circles are perfect for doing the transmitter calibration calibration circle, a comparison, or a simple check thermocouple sensor. With the "process" option, no need to bring additional tools to the field. optional built-in two-channel readout read resistance, voltage, and 4-20 mA current with loop power 24 volts. He also has on-board automation and documentation. Combined, the three models (9142, 9143, and 9144 with "process" option) includes a variety of-25 ° C 660 ° c.
High performance for industrial environment
Field Metrology Wells are designed for industrial process environment. their weight is less than 8.2 kg (18 lb) and has a small footprint, which makes them easy to transport. Optimized for speed, field Metrology Wells are cold to-25 ° C in 15 minutes and heat to 660 ° C within 15 minutes.

the environmental conditions of the field usually unstable, has a wide temperature variations. Each FieldMetrology Well has a built-in gradient of temperature compensation (patent pending) that adjusts the control characteristics to ensure a stable performance in the unstable environment. In fact, all specifications are warranted for various environments from 13 ° C to 33 ° c.


  • Lightweight, portable, and fast

  • Cool to-25 ° C in 15 minutes and heat to 660 ° C in 15 minutes

  • Built-in two-channel readout for PRT, RTD, thermocou
PLE, 4-20 mA current
  • the correct reference thermometry with accuracy of ± 0.01 ° C

  • On-board automation and documentation

  • performance of metrology in the accuracy, stability, uniformity, and loading

  • Built-in features to tackle the huge workload and general applications
    Whether you need to calibrate the 4-20 mA transmitter or switch termostatik is simple, field Metrology Well is the right tool for the job. With the tiga model includes a range of-25 ° C to 660 ° C, this family of Metrology Wells calibrate different types of sensors. Optional process version (model 914X-X-P) provide a built-in two-channel thermometer readings that measures the PRTs, thermocouples, RTDs, and 4-20 mA transmitter covering the supply of 24 V loop power transmitter.

    Each version of the process receive reference PRT ITS-90. built-in reading accuracy range ± 0.01 ° C ± 0.07 ° C depending on the temperature measured. Reference PRTs for Midwives

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