Fluke 2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauges

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16 Mar 2023
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Fluke 2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauges

The 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges provide the best-in-class performance measurements in a rugged, easy to use, economical package. Improvement of accuracy of measurement allows to be used for a variety of applications. It is ideal for calibration pressure measurement devices such as pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters, and switches. In addition, it can be used as standard checks or to provide measurements of the proses with data logging.

  • precision pressure measurement from 100 kPa (15 psi, 1 bar) 70 MPa (700 psi, 10 000 bar)
  • Accuracy of 0.02% of full scale
  • Easy to use, rugged construction for reliable performance
  • Combine it with 700PTPK or 700HTPK pump kit for a complete portable pressure testing solutions to 600 psi with PTP-1 pneumatic pumps and up to 10 000 psi hydraulic pump with HTP-2
  • Combine with this P551
0 this, P5513, P5514, P5515 or the comparison Test pump for pressure calibration solutions over the full bench
  • the test port is 1/4 NPT Male. 1/4 BSP and M20 X 1.5 adapter included standard
  • USB communication cable and standard universal power supply available
  • Can be used with the Compass ® for Pressure software to record data automatically calibrate pressure
  • Description:

    The 2700G has an easy to use interfacethat allows you to configure the sampling rate, the value of the tare, damping, and the auto-off time interval as well as reset the min/max pressure. You can also view the remaining battery life. Choose from 21 different standard engineering units, including bar, in H2O, kPa, MPa, and psi. In addition, the supervisor menu can be used to set up a custom engineering unit. To ensure against the wrong measurements, each of the above functions can be locked from use via menu pengawas.

    The 2700G Reference Pressure Gauge can be combined with a series of Fluke Calibration test pump P5500 comparison to make full pressure calibration system. The design of a unique test of series port P5500 allows for hand tight connections of PTFE tape without using 2700G.

    Use 2700G with a comparison this pressure for pressure calibration solution over the full bench

    P5510 Pneumatic Pressure Comparator

    • tekana range
    n: 0 to 2 MPa (300 psi)
  • Vacuum range: 0-80 kPa (25 inHg)
  • 2700G and tested device (DUT) can be connected without the use of tools or tape PTFE
  • Built-in hand pump as the source of the pressure/vacuum
  • High-quality needle valve for fine control
  • P5513 Pneumatic Pressure Comparator

    • pressure range: 0 to 20 MPa (3000 psi)
    • high pressure pneumatic operation
  • Screw press for adjustment of pressure well
  • high quality needle valve for metering pressure supply 2700G and DUT can be connected without the use of tools or tape PTFE
  • P5514 Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

    • pressure range: 0-70 MPa (10 000 psi)
    • Bench mount design
    • Pressure screw for pressure generator
    • 2700G and DUT can be connected without the use of tools or t
  • Operates with a variety of liquids (Viton seals, seals standard EP available)
  • P5515 Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

    • pressure range: 0-140 MPa (20 000 psi)
    • Built-in self-priming pump for large volumes of applications and system priming
    • High-quality screw press for pressure generation and good control
    • Clear acrylic reservoirs for liquid level and quality visibility
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