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Water Dispenser / Halley / Nebula
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Specification of Water Dispenser / Halley / Nebula

Specification of Beverage / Water Dispenser Dispenser HALLEY & NEBULA
This cold hot dispenser is a practical dispenser because it is designed with a gallon position below. This dispenser tank is made of stainless steel, is spilled, is not noisy, and is very safe, because it is equipped with safety for children.


Dimensions: 40 x 38 x 112 cm
Watt (Heat): 190
Watts (Cold): 90
Heat Temperature: + 90 ° C
Cold Temperature: + 10 ° C
Refrigerant: R134a
Weight: 17 Kg

3 buttons (hot, normal, cold)
Cooling Compressor
Stainless steel water tank
Not noisy
Anti spill
Safety for children

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