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Washing and Decapping 5 Gallons Machine (2 in 1) BS-1
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20 Aug 2019
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Specification of

BS-1 5 Gallon Bottle Washing Decapping Brushing Machine

Bs-1 5 Gallon Bottle Washing Machine
Quick Detail:
1. Capacity: 200-300 Barrels/H
2. For pure / mineral water recycled 5 gallon bottle 
3. Main material:  stainless steel 
4. Automatic type: Semi auto type 
5. Cap pilling head: 1 head 
6. Brushing head: 1 head 
7. Brusher: 8 pieces 
BS-1 type semi-auto 5 gallon bottle washer is mainly used for barreled mineral water and pure water line. It needs to push the barrels above with manual help. This machine has the advantages of stable capacity, good brushing effect, easy operation, easy maintenance and nice appearance. The material is made of high quality of stainless steel. The machine has long lifespan and is really with good quality and economic price.
Working process:
When get through the power and air source, manual put the gallon bottle upside down into the cap puller part, like the photo, then open the machine switch, manual feet tread the switch under the floor, then the gallon cap will be remove and slip from the cap hole on the right side. Then manual put the gallon bottle upside down into the machine, click the "operation" button to have the automatically inside and outside of brushing, after a while, close the switch and take out the gallon bottle, then it's finished. The brushing time depends on the gallon bottle state. 

Capacity200-300 barrels / hour
Automatic typeSemi auto
Pulling head1 head
Washing head1 head
Brusher8 pieces
Suitable bottle3 or 5 gallon
Motor power1.1KW

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